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Date: Booking is adjustable to your dates 
"Systematic Training Academy"

Colt M4

  • Heckler G36

  • AK 47

  • Glock

  • HS XDM

Combat shooting (using in close protection) is a way different type of shooting. First priority is surviving and stay alive. It is connected with a tactics and reality. There is no second chance, practicing, nice competition shooting gear, focus on small details, adjustable guns. Targets are moving and shooting back, people are running around, we have team to coordinate, client to protect. 

We can’t compare sport & combat shooting because it is incomparable. They are best in the area where they

operate and no need to compare.

We have 2 types of course ALFA (for already experienced ) & BRAVO (for beginners ). It is based on "Concept Reality" shooting which is a way different of most others training providers, we are preparing you for reality, opposite of sport shooting. Join us and learn shooting skills from experienced Instructors who are participate in many real shootings and they are teaching from their own experience.

Combat Shooting: News and Tips
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